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Reduce customer success staff to increase customer success

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Our Client: A Major Cybersecurity Vendor


Our client was facing the tough challenge of reducing staff during these recessionary times. Initially, they considered cutting sales and marketing, followed by the engineering team. However, their strategy focused on keeping existing customers happy to rebound later. An alternative approach was to reduce and outsource Customer Success (CS) to maintain sales and marketing at a lower level. This strategy led to all CS metrics being met and exceeded, along with an increase in sales. While competitors followed traditional methods, our client significantly increased their market share.

StratApps provided highly trained and specialized cybersecurity engineers from abroad,
significantly reducing staffing costs. These engineers were equipped to manage valued accounts,
focusing on enhancing customer satisfaction and identifying upselling opportunities.


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StratApps conducted a thorough analysis of our client Solutions’ customer success needs.

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Specialized Staffing:

StratApps hired and trained cybersecurity engineers from cost-effective regions.

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Onboarding, Integration and Retention

Engineers were seamlessly integrated into our client’s Solutions’ customer success teams. This integration ensured that new hires quickly adapted to their roles, enhancing the team’s overall efficiency.

Cost Reduction: Achieved a 30% reduction in staffing costs while providing high-quality talent.
Increased Upselling: Identified and executed upselling opportunities, leading to a 25% increase in revenue.
Enhanced Customer Loyalty and Retention: Improved customer satisfaction and retention rates by 20% through dedicated account management.
24/7 productivity: By having teams in different time zones, our company was able to achieve round-the-clock productivity, ensuring faster project turnaround and continuous support.
Faster Disruption and Innovation: By outsourcing staffing and critical IT tasks to specialized professionals, our client was able to concentrate on developing new products and features, improving existing functionalities, and accelerating both change and innovation. This strategic delegation enabled them to drive rapid advancements and stay ahead in a highly competitive market.

Conclusion:  By leveraging StratApps’ specialized staffing services, our clients not only reduced costs but also enhanced their customer success capabilities, driving growth and strengthening client relationships.

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