BI Migration


Tool based approach with tangible Business Benefits based on the Use Cases.
OBIEE2Tab (OBIEE RPD to Tableau Migration)
BO2Tab (Business Objects Universe to Tableau Migration)
Microstrategy to Looker
OBIEE to Looker (OBIEE RPD to LookML Files)
BO to Looker (Business Objects Universe to LookML Files)

The crowded landscape for Business Intelligence Tools puts companies and their users at a real disadvantage because no single tool provides all the different usage categories that all users can benefit from. Power users may require data mining capabilities whereas casual users would need to look at the latest financial reports by region. Some large vendors do provide suites of BI tools that span multiple technologies affording customers an all-in-one solution. However, this does not necessarily deliver best-of-breed solutions. To mitigate these issues and to keep their various user groups satisfied, companies end up with multiple BI products purchased over time. When they do decide to purchase the latest BI tool to satisfy users who had to make do with a less than ideal solution thus far, they realize that they already have a substantial investment in their existing tool and infrastructure. Should they now ditch part of their existing investment in dashboards and reports and re-create everything in the new tool? This may be a budget busting proposition with no easy answers. With experience gained from multiple customer engagements dealing with multiple incompatible BI tools and technologies, we have utilized our engineering acumen to produce migration tools that help to make these migrations easy and affordable. The migration accelerators that we have created so far are based on customer demand. Whether you are migrating the entire BI stack from the visualization layer to the back end with extensive changes to the data and data dictionary, or if you just want to migrate your dashboards and reports, the tool will ease your path to Tableau/Looker.

Automated migration process that eliminates most manual effort
70% time saving over full manual migration
Huge cost savings
Eliminate manual errors
Consistency and accuracy
Focus on Tableau/Looker skills, eliminating need for other tool expertise

Utilizing a simple two step process, the migration tool parses all the metadata of the existing OBIEE/Microstrategy/BO installation and seamlessly generates Tableau TDS and/or Looker LookML files that can be used to produce respective dashboards. For more information, fill out your details, check the box to download the white-paper and then click submit. 

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