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Welcome to our Big Data learning community for enterprises. Here you will find materials to get started and become highly conversant in Hadoop and other open source technologies. This material is free for you to use and share. Our learning content is focused on enterprises aiming to transform themselves to Big Insights, especially in the Integration, Data management, Data Warehouse, and analytics arena.

The materials here are developed by our experts in the field and offer hands on approach to learn Big Data Technologies. The content is divided into multiple sessions for you to gradually explore the Big Data fundamentals, how and where each open source technology fits in and then deep dive into Hadoop, Hbase, MapReduce and Hive. You can go through each section in an average of 2 hours or less. Of course, you can come back and go through this as many times as you want.

If you would like to know how to use various Big Data Technologies and how to install them, please visit our LEARN page.

If you would like to download Hadoop VMs or sample data to play around with, check out our PLAY section.

And of course, your feedback is always welcome for us to understand if you are getting value out of this and to understand what other areas you may be interested in. 

Big Data & Hadoop
Learn Apache Big Data
Apache Hadoop
Learn Apache Hadoop
Apache Map Reduce
Learn Apache Map Reduce
Apache PIG
Learn Apache PIG
Apache HIVE
Learn Apache HIVE
Apache HBase
Learn Apache HBase

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