Data Center Migration

Creating a Smooth Process

Data center migration involves relocating an organization’s data center operations from one location to another, which can be a complex and critical task.

Our expert project teams at StratApps will guide you through every phase of your migration, offering a comprehensive service from the identification of opportunities through to implementation and ongoing management. This service caters to various migration needs including storage, server, applications, and cloud transitions.

How It Works

1. Planning & Assessment
Analyze current data center resources, workloads, and future
2. Risk Management
Identify potential risks and develop strategies to mitigate
3. Designing the Migration Plan
Create a detailed migration plan including timelines, resources, and roles.
4. Preparing Infrastructure
Set up the infrastructure at the new location, ensuring it meets all requirements.
5. Testing
Test the new environment to ensure it operates as expected under various scenarios.
6. Execution of Migration
Move data, applications, and services to the new data
7. Validation and Testing Post-Migration
Confirm that all components are functioning correctly in the new environment.
8. Optimization and Tuning
Fine-tune systems and processes
to optimize performance

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