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In today’s complex B2B sales process, buying decisions are seldom made by one point of contact. In fact, the decision making committee can involve 5 to 21 people! It is important to align implementers, supporters and decision makers with similar, but distinctly individual messages to get the best results.

So how can you start? This requires segmenting your segmentations. This requires putting a microscope on your chosen contacts or channels to really understand what seperates them from the rest. What challenges are they facing at this exact moment? What role do they have in the final decision making process? Once you are able to understand this important information and microsegment these individuals or channels, they will be ready to hear your message because it relates to them.

Contact Persona allows you to rise above all the noise by harvesting, up to the minute, social conversations that your prospects are engaging in. We use proprietary technologies associated with BigData and Predictive Analytics to provide you with valuable insights that are not available within the confines of your CRM system.

Contact Persona Analysis improves results by making sure your campaigns are:

Relevant to the prospect and their current employer
Targeted to prospect’s self declared social affinity
Micro-segmented based on the role of the prospect in the organization.
Mapped to the organizational chart of the customer

The aim of marketing, is to know and understand the customer so well that the product or service fits them and sells itself. – Peter F. Drucker


For Channel Marketing, we recommend Channel Persona

You want your channel partners to be successful and at the same time you want to make sure they promote your products at a margin that works for you. But then again, your competitor has the same goals. How do you get ahead? Know if your partner strategy to build that special relationship is working as planned. See if they are promoting you or your competitor. Find out if they are aligned to your development program.

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