Concept Map

Concept Map

A concept map is a diagram with labelled arrows in a downward-branching hierarchical structure. 

Use Cases:

The chart is constructed to represent the data at a two level hierarchical structure with one-to-many relationship. We can make the interaction between Tableau reports and advanced charts more dynamic and efficient through extensions.

The correlation between employees and their working subject areas can be established

The correlation between products and their respective manufacturing units can also be established and shown.

Formalized concept maps are used in software design, where a common usage is Unified Modeling Language diagramming amongst similar conventions and development methodologies.

Concept maps can prove to be very useful in giving meaningful insights pertaining to data science and business intelligence.

Concept maps facilitate the stimulation of creative ideas for solving business problems regardless of the scale.

New knowledge creation: For example, it really pays to transform the existing tacit knowledge into a structured, routinized organizational resource for knowledge transfer purposes.

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