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Sugar CRM

Success Story

As part of SugarCRM’s business growth, it was felt necessary to build and distribute interactive analytics dashboards to answer critical partner related business questions in the shortest amount of time possible. Business decided to build Enterprise Data warehouse with Tableau dashboard solution. The “AS IS” process used to take 3 days every quarter to generate the dashboard and a couple of hours to distribute them to the partners. Billing star was taken up as a priority to show cases the business value. Below are the values realized as part of the solution:

The ability to answer channel partner related questions interactively. This included:

rolling 8 quarter Billing analysis on ARR, Gain/loss based on additions & renewals
measuring partner performance against regional top 10 average
Slicing and dicing on market type
YTD Renewal Performance including Threshold vs. NARR achieved

Success Story

Tremendous time saving for business in scorecard distribution process - both internal and external
Migration to Tableau platform which is visual & interactive. This is a highly scalable solution as well.


Success Story

As part of VMware’s business growth, it was felt necessary to migrate and distribute interactive analytics dashboard to answer critical adoption related business questions in the shortest amount of time possible. Business decided to Migrate ROBII RPD to Tableau dashboard solution. The Migration was to select various star schemas from ROBII and convert it to .TDS file.

Business Benefits:

Migration of Metadata to .TDS Files
Leverage Existing Business Logic
Retain Existing BI Platform
Planned Transition to Visualization


Success Story

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